Leon MacLaren was one of a number of men who, mainly from the mid nineteenth century on, were instrumental in bringing the ancient Eastern and particularly Advaita Vedanta Philosophy to the West. This website seeks to honour him as a Teacher, and look at the part he played in the wider context of this remarkable phenomenon.

It is hoped that the website will provide a perspective to those who are new to the tradition, and encourage those who have been on the path for some time, to consider in greater depth their involvement. Hopefully it will also engender discussion on what it means to be involved in this work. There is also a presumption that the reader will have a reasonable understanding of the terms used.
This website is provided and maintained by the MacLaren Foundation.

The work has two aspects to it. The first is as a conduit for the great movements in the creation, the second is the realization of the Self by “individuals”. These two are separate but intertwined. Hopefully some understanding of this will become clear.